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ProjectFreeTV is a free streaming platform which is offering a huge variety of tv series available online in HD quality without any costs or registration. At this moment, it is one of the most popular streaming sites in the world, having years of experience behind and being visited by millions of people every month who are always coming back here to watch the latest movies and series in the best quality possible. If you are a fan of the online streaming then you probably heard at least one time about our free site but however we are writing this article in order to tell you a little bit of the story of ProjectFreeTV, how everything started, how it works and which are the reasons why you should choose PFTV as your favorite source of movies and series online free. You can easily discover the majority of our advantages if you take a look on the website for a few minutes if you don't have patience to read this article but we know that it is useful for many users and that's why we are writing it.

How ProjectFreeTV Started?

Probably the majority of you are curious about the beginning of ProjectFreeTV. How it started, why we've created it, how it became popular, what's our target and so on. These have been the most asked questions in the comments sections so we are trying to answer all of them now. We are a team of movie enthusiasts also passionate about web development. We used to watch movies and series online for free for so many years but along the time we started to become disappointed about the quality of the streaming platforms and we decided it's time to make our own. We always knew this isn't an easy work but we also knew that we are able to offer a better quality than everyone else in this industry so that's how PFTV started. The beginning was rough because there were many things that we had to learn about how streaming sites work and so on but eventually we figured out everything. We have to be honest, we had a bit of luck at the beginning. In the same period when we created Project Free TV, another big streaming platform from that time decided to close its doors and suddenly, overnight, a few millions of people were left without their favorite source of movies and tv series. They all started to look for alternatives and eventually end up on PFTV and that's how we got the chance to show our content to the first visitors. We had some luck but also our hard work made all the visitors to stay with us for such a long time. In the present there are more than 10 years since we've created this site and we are so happy to see there are still so many people who are visiting our streaming platform.

Why Choose ProjectFreeTV?

As we previously said, we are almost sure that you probably heard at least once about our website and it's not a surprise for you anymore. However, we are still trying to convince you that our website is the best place where you can watch all your favorite movies and series for free in HD quality without registration or advertising. Behind PFTV there are many years of hard work and struggle in order to put all the pieces together on this platform and it really deserves your attention. At this moment, our database includes more than 15.000 movies, 2000 tv shows and 60.000 episodes. Initially, Project Free TV started as a series website but later we decided to also publish movies so we can offer a bigger variety to our fans. All the movies and shows published on this website are available for free in the highest quality that you'll ever see on this kind of sites. Also, all the content that is dubbed in foreign languages now benefit of suitable English subtitles after our latest update. We are using a very friendly and intuitive design theme and it will be very easy for you to access this site and browse through our collection. There is no need to create an account in order to watch movies and series on PFTV. If you like our website, please don't forget to bookmark it and share it on your social media accounts because it really helps us.